Thursday, August 23, 2012


There are moments in our lives where we can’t even imagine we’ve pass those through. Even those things that lead us to face our Goliath, that lead us to walk through the shadow of death and even lead us to dug down deep just to exceed our limitations.
I’ve been through those things also. Who would have thought that a 120 lbs. 5 foot 6 inches girl like me happens to be a Cheerleader? Yes! Even I didn’t imagine that.

But look, I’ve been part of the squad. 

Rambo, Me (Jireh) and Carlo at Smart Araneta Coliseum)

Before I tried to be part of the team, I have this big doubt in my mind and actually bigger than my size. Doubt that they can accept me, coz’ looking at those girls (the members already) which some maybe half less lighter than me.

Me at the center. The biggest female member of the squad. hahaha

Doubt that I can't face my fear of heights and doubt that there will be boys who can lift me. But those doubts didn't stop me to move on and put my faith that I can make it. I've tried, almost failed. Tried again and learn from the coach, team captains, members and my co-try outs. Learned and act it out with joy and love. Act it out and succeed.

Me and Papa Bear : )

What motivates me to pursue the challenge? The challenge itself. I know that it isn’t that easy coz’ being part of the squad requires a lot. It requires patience, hard work, perseverance, passion and even requires you to have a proper hygiene. Don’t laugh at me coz’ it is true. Part of being an athlete is to have discipline not only emotionally but also physically. 

Being a cheerleader causes us a lot of sweat. Doing those routines with high jumps and tosses, tumbling and passes (where I’m not good at), lifting (where you really need to have a good body odor because of those body contacts), extreme dance and the loud cheer. Part of being a cheerleader is also being unstoppable whenever you step inside the court. Good thing there is a product out in the market that prevents those body odors like Safeguard Active. Dependable product like Safeguard Active won’t let bad hygiene distract us from exceeding our athletic limitations and in beating even our personal best.

Do you know that even Coach Rio uses the same thing? He didn’t let the bad odor distract him to exceed his limitation as you can watch in this video:

Like Coach Rio, there is this one athlete also that shows a good discipline in his own line of sport. I admire him a lot because of his passion and love on what he does. He even proved a lot of basketball fans and even ordinary Filipinos as well that he can lead the Philippine Basketball team on top and gain the championship. He is no other than Chris Tiu.

Since his Ateneo days he really did so well in leading his team to embrace the championship. Until now he manages to pursue his passion in playing basketball even if there are a lot of things that comes his way. Now, a new journey begins. He has been drafted to become part of the defending PBA Champs Rain or Shine Elasto Painters. It’s not that easy for him to decide at first whether he files the draft form or not, but now I know and I believe that he is ready to face the new battle for him to become unstoppable and exceed any limitation.

Citing those examples are enough for us to believe that the key of a successful career is being focused, determined and confident, knowing that there is no bad air can startle you on cleaning-up for your goal.

Always remember that this world has to offer a lot of trials and challenges but what’s important is your faith. A faith where in you know that God will lead you to the right path, that He will be your help to unchain every struggles and mostly, a faith where you know that you cannot exceed any limitations without the help of God alone.

"For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit."
(John 3:34)