Noong bata pa ako, when someone asked me kung ano gusto ko pag lumaki ako, lagi kong sagot "Teacher". Then nung lumaki na ako, ginusto ko din maging "Newscaster". Many times din pinangarap kong maging beauty queen. (I tried my best. Seriously. Pero hindi talaga yun calling ko. Haha) Ginusto ko din maging artista. (Siguro action star. Hahahaha) In short, madami akong pinangarap maging but end up graduated as an Accountant. Ang layo no? Hahaha Pero hindi dun natatapos ang lahat.

4 years ago, while my Mama is talking to one of his clients (a well-known fashion designer) napaisip ako, why not I-try ko mag sketch din? Kasi parang madali naman yung ginagawa niya. As a result, eto ang first sketch ko:

Hahahaha.. that time super proud na ako sa sarili ko. Pero to tell you honestly, hindi madali. But then I tried, tried, tried and tried... lahat na halos ng scratch paper at likod ng notebook na makita ko pinagdrawingan ko.

Hanggang sa nag improve. At dumating sa point na n…

Should I cut down my check list?

Many of us, most of all girls have our own checklist. A checklist for us to choose the right one. What if you meet a person na  you feel and also people around you feel that you look good together but doesn't comply on your checklist? Would you settle for less? Would you cut down your checklist?

My answer is this:

Whoever we meet in life, mapaFriendship man yan, family, relatives, workmates or future partner in life will never have everything we desire of them to have. In short no body is perfect. So pagdating sa pagpili ng future partner in life, hindi masamang may standard ka. Pero we need to evaluate if our standard is realistic or not. For example, sa checklist ko mismo I have these:
▪ matangkad (kasi pangarap ko maghigh heels pag kasama ko siya.haha)
▪ malinis ang sapatos (Turn on sakin pag malinis ang sapatos)
▪ ayoko ng maingay ngumuya pag kumakain (turn off naman ito)
Above are examples of things that I can extend grace naman. Meaning even if those above traits na gusto ko…

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

I have a friend, you have a friend and we all have friends. Haha They could be childhood friends, school friends, church friends or social networking friends.

In this modern world, only few feels an outcast coz we all have means to communicate or connect with each other. But the question is, are you ready to be friends or are you ready to connect with each other?

So now, I will give you tips or ways you can be "The Best Friend Ever".

1. Open heart.
As a friend you need an open heart to accept a friend no matter who they are and where they come from or whatever situation they have.

2. Patience.
Friendship is not only about fun. Real friends encounter many ups and downs but one side must be patient to the other specially when tough times come.

3. Honesty.
One of the most important thing in friendship is honesty. Coz, it weighs how much deeper your friendship is.

4. Trust
Aside from honesty, trust can also weigh the depths of your friendship. Because trust can bind you together.

5. Willin…

Start Again?




For Girls: Keep it! Hide it! Save it!

"Jai, gusto niyang gawin yun. Ayoko eh. Pero nung sinabi kong ayoko, bakit daw? Hindi ko daw ba siya mahal? Pero paano kung iwanan niya ako? Paano kung makipag-break siya?"