Thursday, July 19, 2012


HAHAHAHA. And I've started this blog laughing. You know what, I have something to share to you guys. Something too personal. HAHA You know what? I have a crush na again. Naaaah. Did I say that? With whom? Secret muna. HAHAHA (I really assume u care kung sino siya.) But I have to share something to you that is somehow much interesting. (I suppose) :))

Look at these:

My wedding gown sketches.

Number 1
A laced-top serpintina gown with full of drapes and details on the bottom of the skirt. These looks more good when the fabric is made of taffeta (for skirt) and the color shade would be the brightest white. 

Look also at this edited version of the same sketch above. :p

Number 2
This is the front detail of the gown. Now you can see it's a more complicated design than the first one because of its lace, drapes and the flow of the skirt. This looks good on a not so white color. I've wanted to see this gown in a 3 creme shades for the inner (heart-shaped tube) Outer (maybe chiffon draped) and also the lace. check out the next picture for the back details.

And this is the back view and the gown and it looks good even at the back. The lace is still there, the continuation of the inner tube is there and the chiffon-draped trail is still there. I've always wanted a long trail for the bride because it adds a more romantic, sweet, drama ambiance on her walk-down-the-aisle. yung feel na feel talaga ang paglalakad. hahahaha.

That's it. But by the way, if your a soon to be bride and in need of a gown for you and your entourage, feel free to contact me here or at my email address: because me and my Mom is collaborating our talents and skills for a business. I design, She makes it real. If you want to see some of the wedding dress we made, click this link:

Thanks and God Bless!

also a bride to be,
(many years from now. wedding oo, wedding hindi. hahaha)