Monday, June 24, 2013

For Girls: Keep it! Hide it! Save it!

"Jai, gusto niyang gawin yun. Ayoko eh. Pero nung sinabi kong ayoko, bakit daw? Hindi ko daw ba siya mahal? Pero paano kung iwanan niya ako? Paano kung makipag-break siya?"

Those are the shocking words I've heard from a friend. This may not be shocking to others especially in this world full of sinners and full of self-satisfaction people. Sex. Why would this be an issue now if there are a lot of people doing it? Christians however are not exempted and even singles are not. It’s like a trending topic. We even consider it as a “wala lang” situation. If we were in the late 70’s maybe “sex” is still a sacred thing but nowadays it seems like a hobby for some. I want to be bold about this topic ‘coz our future is at stake. 

By her question, I think you even told him that you don’t want to do that thing. So what you need to do is RUN AWAY from him. I think he doesn’t deserve you and your love. It may be hard, the cause may be BIG and the result may be painful for both of you but I assure you, you’ll be happier at the end. Why am I saying this? 

In John 13: 34 Bible tells us to “love one another” but also to “conduct ourselves properly . . . not in sexual immorality and sensuality” (Romans 13:13). It is clear that we need to present ourselves holy and acceptable before God. People nowadays, especially the young once neglect the stages of relationship. Girlfriend & Boyfriend relationship is different from marriage just as clay differs from a pot. There is a process. There is a molding stage and we need a Potter for us to become a beautiful pot.

Girlfriend & Boyfriend relationship must be a stage to test the relationship for marriage. ‘Coz there is no good reason to have a girlfriend or boyfriend until a person is ready to get married. Readiness involves being old enough and mature enough to assume the responsibilities of marriage.  But this readiness and testing stage doesn’t include any sexual or sensual encounters. Why? ‘Coz we are to glorify God in everything we do, whether we eat, we drink and also even when we date. 

So girls, single or in a relationship….

We must keep it. We need to keep our promise to God to stay pure and blameless before him. For those also who happens to commit to that situation, I encourage you to ask God for forgiveness. You are precious to His sight and you are made perfect for Him. It’s not too late to renew your promise to God. He is willing to fix that broken heart. He is willing to make you a new person. You are beautiful. You are priceless. You are His princess and when you commit to fulfill His plans for your life, YOU MUST KEEP IT FROM NOW ON.

We need to hide it. We are to "live, act, and dress in accordance with our dignity as children of God. 

Finally, we must save it. We need to save “it”, our pureness to that special person. That man who is waiting for you at the altar, that same man that will ask God for you and that same man who also remains himself pure before God. He deserves it right?

For boys… this is my one and only request to you. PLEASE DO NOT PROVOKE YOUR MATE OR EVEN ANY GIRLS TO MAKE MISTAKE THAT BOTH OF YOU WILL REGRET ‘coz first of all you are both child of God and brothers and sisters in Christ by that you both need R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

With my best cousins (from left to right) Kryzel, Jai (me), Ken, Joy. : )

That's all my dearest readers!

With respect,