Wednesday, May 21, 2014

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

I have a friend, you have a friend and we all have friends. Haha They could be childhood friends, school friends, church friends or social networking friends.

In this modern world, only few feels an outcast coz we all have means to communicate or connect with each other. But the question is, are you ready to be friends or are you ready to connect with each other?

So now, I will give you tips or ways you can be "The Best Friend Ever".

1. Open heart.
As a friend you need an open heart to accept a friend no matter who they are and where they come from or whatever situation they have.

2. Patience.
Friendship is not only about fun. Real friends encounter many ups and downs but one side must be patient to the other specially when tough times come.

3. Honesty.
One of the most important thing in friendship is honesty. Coz, it weighs how much deeper your friendship is.

4. Trust
Aside from honesty, trust can also weigh the depths of your friendship. Because trust can bind you together.

5. Willingness to share.
Friendship is a commitment and when you are in a commitment you share everythoughts, memories, events whether it is good times or bad.

6. Spend time with them.
A friendship can stay much longer if you give time for them. A time with friends is timeless right?

7. Have fun.
One of the best things a friendship has is having fun time! Enjoying each others company with lots of laughter.

8. Stay strong.
Once your friend goes through a bad situation there should be someone who will be there to stay strong. And that is you!

9. Don't forget your friend's birthday.
Birthday is a special day for your friend and even for you. So be sure to remember it!

10. Surprise them.
It may not be everytime but a person needs surprise once. And I know you do want also.

11. Stay close with their families.
Family is one of the top priority of an individual and their family are the ones who know them deeper. That is why you need to be close to them coz you might find a second family that you will treasure.

12. Have bounderies also.
Specially when your friend has an opposite gender. You must remind yourself that friendship is for friendship and once you feel something different, then you should talk about it.

13. Support their hobbies.
You must support and encourage them with the one they love to do.

14. Rebuke them.
Rebuking means to express your disagreement to the things you know they're doing wrong. Because a friend isn't just about fun but also a friend should be the one to guide them in the right path.

15. Show them that you care.
When they're sick take care of them or spend time when they need care.

16. Love who they love.
You can show what kind of friend are you when you also love who they love. Do not be selfish.

17. Don't expect something in return.
When you give something to them whether it is time, things or affection you must not expect something in return. All you did is an effort by you yourself alone and they did not ask you to do that. So don't expect.

18. Be friends with their friends.
Enlarge your cirlcle of friends and allow your friends to be friends with others.

19. Love them unconditionally.
A friend loves at all times. Some people needs a friend 'coz they needed to be love. That is why love them and lead them to the true source of love, and that is God.

20. A real friend calls.
Friendship is all about connection and not just friendship but I believe every relationship must stay connected to each other. By staying connected with them you will know what they're going through and you can deepen your friendship and also show them how much you love them. You can do all the above ways to become the best friend ever if you find ways to connect with them. And one of the ways to stay connected to your friend is to give them a call.

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That's it my friends. I am here to say that I love you all to the fullest.