Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Should I cut down my check list?

Many of us, most of all girls have our own checklist. A checklist for us to choose the right one. What if you meet a person na  you feel and also people around you feel that you look good together but doesn't comply on your checklist? Would you settle for less? Would you cut down your checklist?

My answer is this:

Whoever we meet in life, mapaFriendship man yan, family, relatives, workmates or future partner in life will never have everything we desire of them to have. In short no body is perfect. So pagdating sa pagpili ng future partner in life, hindi masamang may standard ka. Pero we need to evaluate if our standard is realistic or not. For example, sa checklist ko mismo I have these:
▪ matangkad (kasi pangarap ko maghigh heels pag kasama ko siya.haha)
▪ malinis ang sapatos (Turn on sakin pag malinis ang sapatos)
▪ ayoko ng maingay ngumuya pag kumakain (turn off naman ito)
Above are examples of things that I can extend grace naman. Meaning even if those above traits na gusto ko ay wala sa future partner ko I can accept it. Also, I have these things:
▪ God centered man
▪ servant of God
▪ family man (he loves his family and my family)
▪ humble and confident enough (ayokong kasama sa buhay ang mayabang na tao)
▪ and the most important thing sa checklist ko ay ito: LALAKI (hehe)
So, above are examples of things or traits na hindi pwedeng mawala sa checklist ko.

Take note of this:

Whoever it is na ibigay satin ng Lord as future mate, ay meron at merong pagkakaiba sa ugali natin. No matter who God chooses for us, we will have differences. May mga bagay o dahilan para mahalin natin sila, and reasons also na kaiinisan natin. Remember also that suggestion, support, advice, and prayer can help to make changes. Pero huwag namang tinanggap mo siya at the end ang purpose mo ay baguhin siya. That is so inappropriate. Kasi hindi mo din naman gusto kung sayo ginawa yun. Instead, talk to him or her about the things na hindi maganda about them. Open communication is important.

The main point is this:

Would you still love them if they change. Can you live with them? Can you still love them in Christ?

We may have our own standards or checklist but all of those are garbage if we do not consider God's standard. He knows everything, even the things that is good for you. So pray. Do not just cut down your checklist but lift it up to God. Pray that you, yourself can understand the will of God for your life. Do not settle for less, settle for God's own standard.
Trust the Holy Spirit and the godly counsel of your parents and friends who love you dearly.

Proverbs 1:8
Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Thank you for reading! God bless!