Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TP INVADES: "Hundred Islands"

Yahooooo! Finally natuloy din ang lakad ng TP. What is TP? Secret.... hehehe joke lang... I'll create a blog about TP soon. But now, you can consider TP as "Tamang Pagkakaibigan" for positivity purposes of my blog. hahaha TP consist of four members.

Carlo (the most hospitable friend) sa tagalog Kaibigang na Hospital. 

Jireh (the most pretty and gorgeous member) sa tagalog Na-iisang babae kasi kaya walang kokontra

Kervin (the most careful and focused friend) sa tagalog...dapat lang na maingat at focus siya kasi siya ang driver namin.

Patrick (the most blessed and unselfish friend) sa tagalog... kabaliktaran lahat yun

So we went to Pangasinan last May 10, 2013. haha so consider this as late post kahit na excited akong magblog about dito. Thank you sa modern technology at nakapunta kami ng Pangasinan ng safe.

On our second day, we invaded hundred islands with Kervin's girlfriend Dhina (and my newest friend)

and my cousin Ken.

I  want to share to you some of the pictures from our trip.

At Chowking, Tarlac. Stop over muna bago dumerecho ng  Pangasinan.

Siksikan Time. On our way to Alaminos, Hundred Islands.

Boat to Islands

Finally! First Island. The Governor's Island.

Still us with Ken's thumb. haha

Me, Patrick, Carlo, Kervin and Dhina happily arrive at Governor's Island.

Patrick at the entrance of Governor's Island
Kervin sleeping at the beach. hahaha gaano kalambot ang dagat?

Us at the Children's Island.

This is so.... ewan.. baka dahil sa chips na nakain namin.

More pictures of us at Children's Island (Kervin, anyare sa paghawi ng buhok?)

We ate lunch at Marcos Island. It rained that time. Buti na lang may mini cave para silungan.

Snorkling time at Coral Island where we met a lot of Korean Tourist. : )

Here are more of our random photos at random Islands. hehe

So that's a wrap! I would like to thank the Bangkeros, Kuya Offerer (nag-offer samin ng affordable prices for boat and swimming gears) and most of all my Lola Carmen, Ken and my Tita's who helped us throughout this adventure.

More of TP's invasion soon. Sana sooner before I leave Pinas. Hehehehe

Thank you readers!
God bless you in many ways.


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