Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun Facts About Nokia Lumia and Abenson

Many cellphone brands come and go but honestly speaking I can't replace a Nokia phone. Need a proof? Look at this:

Beside me is my Grandma. : )

I am holding here my Nokia 5800 Express Music and I've been using this phone for almost 4 years. Yeah you read it right! 4 fruitful years. Why can't I leave this? It's because of it's durability and user friendly features. But I know everything has it's limit and ending. So I'm thinking of something to replace it. Something as durable, as user friendly and as affordable as this phone. So here's what I found:
Here's the Nokia Lumia 920:

Look how trendy the color is. I'm loving it already but wait there's more! Did you know that Nokia Lumia 920 has the "BEST" touchscreen ever on a smartphone because of the PureMotion HD+ display which has the brightest and fastest and most sensitive touchscreen: enough to make every color clear and sensitive enough to respond to your fingertips, even when they are covered up.Aha! That's cool right? And here's more, it has an Innovative design that features "Charge up without Plug in"! Aha! again! hahaha Now you don’t need to plug your Nokia Lumia 920 in to charge it. Just put it on a wireless charger and you’re good to go.

 Aside from this, Lumia 920 also has 8.7 megapixel, Snapdragon™ S4  Processor and a Dual-core 1.5GHzprocessor type. Need anything? Isn't this amazing?

Need to know more about Nokia Lumia? Here are some fun facts about it:

I know you're now excited to avail one. As I've said earlier I want to replace my phone not just for as durable and as user friendly but also as affordable as my current phone. Did you know that there is this one store where you can avail any gadgets, appliances and a lot more for much lower prices? I assure you this because my Mom availed our refrigerator here and I avail my hair dryer here. Hahaha Where is it? It's at ABENSON. I've visited one of there store located at the ground floor of Shangri-La plaza and I've found great gadgets including the Lumia 920. I just wish it's pay day that day so I can avail it yet I need to wait for few more days. For more funfacts about ABENSON you can read this:


So I think you are now convinced to avail Nokia Lumia at Abenson! By the way you can experience fast service from polite salesma/woman there! Thanks for reading guys! Know your product first before you avail and I'll let you know as long as I can. Haha


I would like to thank Nokia Staff at Abenson Ms. Diane for the warm welcome and for introducing Nokia Lumia to me and also Abenson Staffs for the good service. Thanks also to Nuffnang Philippines! God bless you guys!