Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Makes you happy?

Okay! Forgive me for doing this but I’ll start this blog with pick-up lines. Haha

Me: Canaan ka ba?

You: Bakit? (I assume you will answer. hahaha)

Me: Kasi, handa akong maghintay at maglakbay ng 40 years. Basta marating ka lang.

You: HAHAHAHAHA. (I assume also your reaction. hahahaha)

Me: Do you want more?

You: Yes! Yes! Yes! ( And this made me too much assuming. lol!)

Me: Jericho Wall ka ba?

You: Bakit?

Me: Kasi libutin man kita ng 7 days, okay lang. Alam ko namang babagsak ka rin sakin.


So this is all about my Assumingness!!! Hahahaha
(puro tawa na ginawa ko)

Okay, let’s be serious now. Seriously Funny! :D

Me: What makes you happy?

as happy as this one. hahaha

(okay. I won’t assume your answer. You can comment your answer below. haha)

A businessman is happy when he earns profit.

A singer is happy when she hears her song.

Jessica Sanches. She is so adorable.

A basketball player is happy when he plays well.

Jeremy Lin... My LINsanity stays. hahaha

A coach is happy when he makes his team win.

meet my favorite coach. Mr. Tim Cone now coaching B-Meg on PBA

And a boxer is happy when, he is defeated but he remains in his faith that the God he serves will never leave him nor forsake him.

(ahhhh. that is so sweet)

Manny Pacquiao. nuf said. :)

What make us happy are those things that give us un-explainable joy. But did you know that there are some other things that can steal your joy or your happiness?

Unforgivable heart can steal our joy, same as having an unhopeful and unrighteous heart. These things give us negative feelings or emotions towards others and even to ourselves. We can eliminate this thing by reversing it to a positive way of thinking. Forgive, hope and be righteous! It is somehow easy to say but hard to do right? But there are people around us that can help us to be happy. We have our friends who can be there when we needed to. And our family that is always there, whether we need them or not. But we really need them seriously. I know you know what I mean by this.

But where can we find our real joy?
King David found out where he can have his real joy as what he declares at Psalms 43:4 "then I will go to the altar of God, To God, my joy and my delight..." 

Yes, it is God. He is the only source of our true happiness, the lover of our soul, our great refuge, the joy of our salvation and we can have all of these when we have a strong faith in Him. Hebrews 11:6 say “Without faith it is impossible to please God..” and if we do not please God we cannot have that happiness that we are looking for. As it is said in Ecclesiastes 2:26 “To the man who pleases Him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and HAPPINESS..” It is so clear.

So if you want to be happy, please God. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, ask for forgiveness for the sins you’ve done and acknowledge that apart from HIM you can do nothing.

As we make God the focus, the motivation, and the source of our joy, he will grant us the assurance He (himself) can give.

That's all!
Be happy.