Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stylist & Make-up Artist (Again)

How good God is?
I can't even measure His goodness. Come to think of this, He allowed me again to fulfill one of my dreams and fantasies. Haha. And look who's my latest "victim" (hahaha. este client? or whatever. I don't know what to call them.) but here she is:

Miss Ella Infante 

And you know what? If you read my first blog bout doing the same mission as this you'll probably laugh at me because same as last time I am late again. But the good thing is she didn't go to my house/my room and wake me up. We agreed to meet @1pm but I arrive @2:30pm (oh common! Let me explain this. haha). That Monday was the most busiest Monday for me so far. Kahit na hindi ako pumasok sa office. I went to my Doctor to get my Medical results at 9am but unfortunately I left the hospital at 1pm and as usual I've encounter the heavy traffic of EDSA. (nanisi pa talaga ako) And that's it I came late. That's all! Thank you. Haha

This is the dress she wore that night. The off-shoulder dress is made by my Mom and it is made of a crumpled taffeta on top with a printed chiffon for the skirt.
Ella bought this shoes I think an hour before or a day before the event. I don't know where she got those pair of sandals. Haha

And now my mission starts.
First, I put on a liquid foundation by Maybeline to conceal those dark spots and  uneven skin tone.
(o parang commercial lang. haha) and did you know that by putting liquid foundation or concealer it can help your make-up last longer? Yes it can.

Here are some pictures:

I use this Revlon PhotoReady Powder foundation and Revlon Eye shadow for her make-up.

Look at me wearing a Maxi Dress and gray cardigan while putting make-up. So arte. hahaha 

Wanna see my finished product? hahahaha
And here she is!


Sorry for the "tabingi shot" hahaha

She looks so adorable. : )

and cute

and classy

and pretty

and she really stand-out! Haha : )

 So that's it. I would like to thank my Mom for the dress, Ella for the patience, Jellyn and Sissy Marielle for taking pictures and you for reading. Hehe

I rejoice in your promise like one who finds great spoil. (Psalm 119:162)