Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Your Home, Your Imagination.

When was the last time you’ve been excited to come home?

Many people right now are too busy to feel the goodness of being at home and to know the essence of it. Night outs, overtimes, night shifts and week-end works are some of the things that can take away the joy of being at home but sometimes what we have at home are also reasons why we don’t want to go home.

I’ve been thinking recently how busy I am with my work and other extra-activities that sometimes I can’t even feel the joy of being at home. Thank God I always have my family to bring extreme joy to me every time I’m with them and also those things I find at home that usually gives comforts and allows me to have a relax feeling.

What are those things?
Let me show you:

Look at this Cindy Sectional Sofa Bed with Pull-out.

Whenever I arrive, I always want to see my siblings and my Mom welcoming me sitting at this kind of sofa greeting me with their smile. After that I want to seat, talk, laugh and sometimes lay down with my siblings and have fun moments with them. I think Sofa Bed like this is one of the best thing to have at home.

Other things are these working chair and providence desk.

Whenever I do my blogs, sketches, devotions, love letters (hahaha. when did I wrote a love letter?) I do want to sit in a comfortable chair and have a clean table. Those things help me to relax, think wider and deeper.

Just imagine how good life is having a not so perfect family, but a happy one, plus things like these only from Mandaue Foam. Yes, those things are from  Mandaue Foam., a local brand which aims to provide very affordable and high quality foam and furniture products to the Filipino people. Now I can truly say that it’s always good to come home to Mandaue Foam.

Your Home, Your Imagination.

for more info about Mandaue Foam visit their website:

and watch their newest TVC:

*This is an entry to the "The Bourne Legacy: An Exclusive Screening by Mandaue Foam & Nuffnang" contest.  

God bless everyone!

"A family that prays even though they are not together will be blessed by the Lord forever."
-Villafania Family