Monday, June 4, 2012

Black is IN

Girl’s night out?
Girls plus Night plus Out?
What could be the best outfit for that night?

Me and my newest girl friend and soon to be business partner Jezreel take the advantage of our free time (in the midst of supeeeeerrrr duuuuuuper busy month of May) to just relax, talk, have coffee, talk, buy make ups, talk, walk and talk again. hahaha.

Actually, before we met we didn't talk about what we are going to wear but surprisingly we did wear almost the same. Black, dress, and that’s it.
the girl at our back almost ruin our night. hahahaha

Though, I put on this piece of gray blazer to hide my arms because I came all the way from my office. (at nagpaliwanag lang ako. hahaha)

I think somehow it did match my mini-sweet heart-polka-dress.
While Jezreel looks chic in her black sheer dress.

She looks so amazing that night, as always.

The shoes made an edge to her look also.
Plus the bag, nerdy glasses, and her hair, that’s it! She won the night.
But because we are friends, for her and for me, it's a tie!

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Love, love, love,