Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amnesia Girl with a skirt :)

Why do I always have this "Amnesia" thing whenever I'm dressing something like this?
Maybe you're thinking what I'm talking about.
Okay, let me discuss to you (hahaha. may ganito talaga)

Saturday afternoon (March 10, 2012) I was about to pick-up a package from my Mama. That package actually is not mine but to our clients (Doc Katherine and Doc Tina), but then my Mom sent me a message that she also made one skirt for me and she also told me "Sana magustuhan mo" (aahhh. that's so sweet.)

When I saw the package, I mean the skirt, my only reaction is WAAAAAAWWWW!!! (as in NGANGA ako) hahaha. I really love my Mama so much.

(maybe your thinking now, "Ano yung amnesia thing dun?")

The "Amnesia" thing is all about me forgetting (always. talaga) to take a photo wearing that skirt!!! As in walang maayos na photo. :(

But I can show you some pictures. a super low quality pictures. (kainis.hahaha)

oh. see. parang nagtampo yung lense sa labo. :D

at inulit pa. but that is the skirt I'm talking about.

and this is a photo taken by my Ate/Momi/Mare Arlene. na naging trending topic sa facebook. hahaha

So that's it! My "AMNESIA" thing.
hahaha. I hope it makes sense

That day was great! Thank You Lord for the strength, courage, and wisdom that You shared.
I love you Father. You are amazing!

Thanks also for reading readers!
Love Love Love,