Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Minnie Mouse Outfit

A day before our Church's Christmas Party, I find it hard to think what should I suppose to wear. So as usual, I asked Mama to pick something that I can wear for the event. The outfit must fit (it rhymes! haha) this years theme which is to “Wear something RED. And for your information I’m not a huge fan of red color clothes simply because of my skin complexion.

So my Mama asked me what I want to wear.
I said: “Yung simple lang”
She said: “Ok. Mag t-shirt ka na lang” (then she laugh)
And I make face like this -_- (hahahaha)
Then she told me that I must learn to dress my self coz I’m too old to try to and I said ok. (Just to end the conversation. Hahahaha. Coz I know both of us are lazy to go out and buy something to wear.)

And to cut the story short…..
Here’s what I wore:

taken from Mama Rocks cam. :)

And I just notice after looking to these pictures that it looks similar to what Ms. Minnie Mouse' costume. hahahaha

So funny but I love this look. :p

Maybe next time I'll try to wear some other Disney Character look alike. :)

Ok. 'til next time!

Do everything in Love. 1 Cor. 16:14