Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blue as "cool and comfy" :)

I am happy to share with you the fulfillment of one of my dreams.

Last time, I’ve blogged about a drawing of mine featuring my dream to
wear a gown designed by me.

Now, thanks to my very creative Mom and my dream comes to reality.
Look how she made the gown cool and comfy.

However, some details are not the same like the ruche on top of the gown goes on different ways,
and also the slit on the skirt is not visible.
But overall the aqua blue color looks so cool and the chiffon fabric makes it so comfortable to wear.

And if you want to have the same dress as this one feel free to contact my Mom at:
0917-4963467 for Globe or
0910-8937605 for Smart
or email me at jirehvillafania@gmail.com

thanks and God bless!